2314 Louisiana Ave | St. Louis Park, MN 55426

The St. Louis Park Dojang is located on the crossroads of Louisiana Ave South and Cedar Lake Road, right next to Jerry's Hardware. The Dojang is 1500 sq. ft including two locker rooms, an inviting lobby, a great mat space, WiFi, and much more. Our location has students from St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, Minneapolis, Crystal, and Edina.

Mr. Jeremiah Lemon


Birthday: August 27th
Hometown: Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Hobbies: Playing Guitar and Bass, Training, Swords, Writing, Movies.

I started Taekwondo when I was 8. I joined the Coon Rapids World Taekwondo Academy and trained under Master James Franklin for Ten Years. In that ten years I joined various teams, I joined the Competition Team and the Demonstration Team which I found a great love for early on. Through the Demonstration team I was able to get introduced into weapons training, I went on to become the US National Weapons Champion. Over the years I have fallen in love with Taekwondo and see potential in everyone to be a great martial artist.

Joining me in my school is my Mother and Father, Mrs. Carol Lemon and Mr. Tim Lemon. When I first started I got my parents to join with me and we grew closer as a family. Now they are helping me at my Taekwondo School in St. Louis Park. At the St. Louis Park World Taekwondo Academy we help our students become more respectful and better leaders in the community, as well as working on discipline and Self-Confidence. Let us help you Discover the Black Belt Within!

Mr. Jeremiah Lemon's Accomplishments:

  • Certified Third Degree Black Belt
  • C.P.R. Certified
  • 2012 National Weapons Gold Medalist
  • 2012 National Demonstration Team Gold Medalist
  • Certified USAT Referee
  • Demo Team Coach
  • Weapons Team Coach

Mrs. Carol Lemon


  • Certified Second Degree Black Belt
  • Certified USAT Referee
  • Ten Years of Experience

Mr. Tim Lemon


  • Certified First Degree Black Belt
  • Certified USAT Referee
  • Ten Years of Experience

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